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Honestly, I don't mean to get into trouble!

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Ah hah! So, you probably found me through some interaction I've had via fandom (most likely). That's good! I enjoy fandom, but you'll probably be glad to know that I'm not a crazy fan. (I am, in general, considered crazy, but it's mostly a harmless crazy... mostly.)

Well, what else is there to say?

I'm a home health nurse who specializes in medication management. I work with very vulnerable populations, and I love them. It's a vocation, a calling, and my life.

On a different note, I'm a very active woman who has lived a life that was strangely sheltered but still gave me some very strange and fulfilling experience. I like physical activity, but nothing that demands maintaining high speeds for more than two and a half minutes. I do Irish Step-Dancing, hiking in the summer, and I love to take walks and bike rides. I don't do winter sports anymore because of a debilitating ski accident (witnesses report it was the most spectacular crash they had ever seen), a near decapitation while sledding, and snapped ligaments in both my ankles because of ice skating. I'm afraid of what will happen if I try to ride a snowmobile.

On the arts level, I love to write both fiction and fanfiction. In fiction, I specialize in humor and fantasy. I have been writing constantly for more than twenty-four years, so you can probably take a random guess at my age. (I am legal for alcohol here in the USA and have been for quite some time.)

In fanfiction, I specialize in humor and, uh, Harry Potter/anime. =) Usually hand-in-hand, although I do putter about in science fiction, horror, and drama as well. I usually don't do romance, but I have a weakness for Kiba/Sakura from Naruto, Wufei/Meiran from Gundam Wing, and Yuusuke/Keiko from YYH. I kinda consider these three my OTPs, but I'm perfectly willing to pair them up with other people.

I love crossovers. I love crack. I really love humor. I can quite honestly and proudly say that, yes, I can make the impossible work, I'm funny, and I'm as good as I think. (Unlike many other writers in fandom and in general, I also have an amazingly healthy and plump self-esteem, which is often mistaken as arrogance. I don't know how this happens. ;_; Really, I don't. Yeah. Totally. But, being the generous soul that I am, I am willing to share my ego with you all! I have enough to give to five or six other people. :DDD)

Writing is very important to me, so I tend to be rather critical. My attitude is: If you are going to publicly post your writing and share it with others, then you owe it to yourself and to your readers to try and write to the best of your ability. Communication is very important to me and is a vital part in telling a tale, and if your writing mechanics are horrid, then the communications off and you can't impart fully the tale as you might wish.

Something that deserves a note is anime/manga. This is a special passion of mine. I love it to bits and pieces. Currently, my favorite anime/manga is Naruto/BLEACH, with Full Metal Alchemist and Ranma 1/2 trailing behind as sort of a tie for second place, and Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers and Yu Yu Hakusho tied in third. All five, one may notice if one is familiar enough with these titles, are action/fighting anime. That's okay. Sailormoon has a special place in my heart though, and I'm reliving my innocent days of cheesiness via the live-action episodes. ^_^ I also enjoy Weiss Kreuz, Saiyuki, Gundam Wing, Tenchi, Slayers, and various other titles/series.


I'm not really a snob, nor am I cruel and bitchy. I'm actually a very mild-mannered sweetheart with a patience (if not the humility) of a saint. Unfortunately, being on-line does not allow people to see the befuddled look on my face as I wring my hands and say, "Why? Don't you know what you're doing wrong?" I have a quirky sense of humor, a very wry outlook on life, and Bob. Bob is another word I use for "issues", but I decided I like the sound of, "Got Bob?" better than I did, "Got issues?"

I take offense when writers really fudge around with medical information in their stories. And I do mean fudge. And I especially take offense when someone decides that they do, in fact think they know better even if they don't have the experience or the information.

I have a bad tendency to adopt the oddest creatures known to man. Topping the list is the worm named Charley, whom I never saw again when my brother took dear Charley fishing (;_;), two flies named Joey and Lawrence (I couldn't get rid of them, so I figured they could stay), a flying squirrel names Bullwinkle, and the fawn named Grace, who used to prance into my yard and eat the grass whilst I hung up the clothes. (I think we wound up eating Grace; I can't remember.)

I currently have a beautiful tuxedo male cat, and is the sweetest, bounciest, big-eared cat, ever! (Okay, so maybe not really sweet as he can be cranky at times...)

Apologies ahead of time for any mistakes I make in my writing, as much as I may complain. I have two learning disorders (dyslexia and ADHD), which often leaves me too confused and too absent-minded to notice mistakes. I try - honest to God, I do! But between those and the bipolar, I'm usually missing something.

Philosophically-speaking, I am conservative and personally pro-life (and open to negotiation on pro-choice), and am unlikely to be talked out of my stances regarding global warming (I say hurry up - I'm freezing in the wintertime), and, um other very sensitive topics that tend to make a lot of people touchy. But I'm sure we can respectfully agree to disagree, and live and let live. Sort of.

Come to think of it, most of my stances call for someone or something dying, don't they?

On the bright side, I am a supporter of gay rights, woman's sexuality and birth control, medical marijuana, and do believe in a thorough sexual education for our youth. Which some people consider funny, since I am a very conservative Tridentine Catholic. So, ya know, YMMV.
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